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Saturday, April 05, 2014
About America, Al-Qaeda, The CIA, FBI, And 9/11
They just wanted to spy on my email

More than 12 years ago, after 9/11, when I was trying to tell the FBI how to find an active al-Qaeda cell in the USA, I said that I had chatted for almost a year with a woman named Gul living in Lahore, Pakistan. She knows my address and how to contact me, and I had given them her email addresses. They told me they weren't interested at first. I called again many times over the next days trying to convince them of the need to detain these persons, and I gave them much information. I told the FBI that she had visited her son, who was a student in Beckley, WV in June of 2001. I said she had also later been traveling around some cities in the US and observing some airports. The FBI agent, he asked me what cities these were and put me on speaker phone. I could hear my words echo when I said, "Atlanta.. Chicago". And then I heard them all mocking me in a chorus of uproarious and derisive laughter. I had also told them that she was now in Framingham, Massachusetts. Around two weeks after 9/11, I saw her appear online and chatted with her briefly on instant messenger. I told her I had contacted the FBI. She asked where they were. I then called the FBI again to immediately let them know how to contact her as a member of al-Qaeda. They could have chatted with her themselves or very easily have found her land line's address. The FBI never contacted me at all. They had treated me like I was a kook and an annoyance to them. After that I later heard John Ashcroft call me an al-Qaeda cell in Jacksonville, Florida on national TV. Were they all only trying to show me their incompetence?

I regret ever calling the FBI. I don't think I'd ever do that again. My orders from authorities have always been to keep my mouth shut and have nothing to do with the American people, but just to let them trample all over me. Many times I've even wished I could comply. But, I would actually prefer it if extraterrestrials would come take me away. I'm sorry if there's no place for me here.

Ask "Harmony" about me, if she's still alive. And ask her if I mean what I say and speak the truth. I likely did as much or more to stop 9/11 beforehand than the FBI and the CIA together. I think only the CIA could have pulled off 9/11; their fingerprints are all over it. The al-Qaeda plot only played the patsy to start the wars that were already planned by the Neo-Cons and to announce the initiation of the new surveillance state. Why were most of those who failed to protect America promoted and given so much more money and power, instead of being fired? And before all of that, how did Bush even become president? Maybe the CIA considers the whole world dupes, and has the proof that they are.


Saturday, November 23, 2013
JFK - It's Been 50 Years
Some Questions For You Still:

After the movie "JFK" came out, I had a discussion with some college student once over a few beers. And he said that, on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, certain sealed documents and files were to be opened and released. If that statement was true, where is that evidence now?

If the same "magic bullet" hit Connelly after Kennedy, in the Zapruder film why did Connelly remain turned to his right waving his left hand while Kennedy clutches his throat? And he then looked behind until he saw the president's head explode. Connelly himself said he doesn't believe the same bullet hit him. And if the fatal bullet came next from above and behind, why did Mrs. Kennedy climb onto the trunk of the car to pick up pieces of the president's skull?

Or, why is almost everyone who doesn't buy into the official cover up labeled as a kook and a troublemaker?


Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Dangerous Earwigs

P.S. - Another 70 More In Photo Below

I keep finding more of these earwigs all around outside, most lately when I edged the lawn. I see them with their pincers usually open in a roughly parallel fashion, but as I freeze them contraction makes the pincers close. And when the sun shines upon them, it shows that their bodies and legs are a little translucent in various shades of brown. Their pincers are shorter, straighter, and sharper, like scissors closing shut, than most other species of earwig. And also, to compare size, in my photos the lines on the paper are one third of an inch apart.

Speculating, it appears to me that it could possibly be that there are three different types of sexes in this species, not unlike some other insects. I think it is probably the females which dominate in numbers and lay quite a few eggs here and there and wherever they choose. And it may be the males that are much smaller and thinner, with or without stubby wings, and with thin pincers. It also might be possible that they communicate with each other through ultrasonic vibrations.

I know that cold air slows them down, and freezing air stops them cold. I also know that they have a difficult time crawling over slick surfaces like the inside of a plastic bag, but they stick very well to textured surfaces like a Kleenex or concrete. And when found they tend to run and look to hide in nooks and crannies, under debris, or even underneath your shoes. You shouldn't ever let one crawl up your nose or into your ear.

P.S. This species also burrows underground or creeps into your house to escape the cold.


Friday, October 05, 2012
And a Few More Words
Surprisingly, lately on the television news I've seen fuzzy images of the likes of their shapes taken during a MRI or CT scan of the brain and of the sinus cavity. Doctors could be misdiagnosing the situation when they call it cancer. Perhaps they should also take scans later on and see if it has moved in any way.

I still find these earwigs outside nearly every time I look for them. The right amount of ultrasonic waves might be able to kill them somehow or drive them away. That might be safer and possibly more effective than radiation or chemotherapy.

Should I care so much and be so concerned? I guess my last word on the subject is that you can do what you want to do, I suppose. And, believe what you want to believe.


Saturday, July 07, 2012
Well, Maybe Just One More Look

About 50 More

When the local televised news reads the diseases reported by doctors that are currently going around the area, sinus infections and ear infections usually top the list. But, they never give an explanation as to why that should be.

And when I raked up some dead Holly tree leaves on the end of our back patio on the first full day of summer, I found all these earwigs (photographs below) among the dirt and debris. In about ten minutes I picked up as many as I could from about a six square foot area with my bare fingers and put them in a plastic bag. But, there were some that I didn't get and then later freeze.

I hadn't fully realized how many of these there are around. I hope that perhaps the recent flooding rains have killed some of the others off.

P. S. The scientific name of the family may be Labiidae Dermaptera, I'm not sure.


Friday, December 30, 2011
Once Again - "earwigs"

So by now you should all be aware of what I think is a real danger. The fable may also sometimes be true. Fight back and defeat them. Don't let insects conquer humanity. I sincerely hope that never happens. And yet, while I continue to look somewhat passively around for them, always keeping an eye out, I do keep finding them these days.

I know that I found a sleeping live one in the very first early morning hour of Christmas Eve, and then I froze it. That's its picture above.

But, have a Happy New Year! And believe me and understand, I hope that, by the grace of God, those of you who can see and hear may not have these pests surrounding or finding you, much like in a horror story. And now, I expect that this is the last time I will mention the subject of earwigs on the internet. Thanks for the platform, or soapbox. May we sleep in peace somehow, and not live a nightmare.


Saturday, October 29, 2011
Seventh Earwig
Found Last Month

Actually, I found seven earwigs in September without really trying. I forgot for a little while where I had placed the bag in the freezer with the earwig that I had found in the driveway. Here's its picture.


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